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Below are the Category of products & brands which we would like to provide extended warranty coverage:


Notebook & Desktop

Category Brand
Notebook & Desktop 1. Asus 6. Dell
2. Lenovo 7. Sony
3. Samsung 8. Toshiba
4. Acer 9. Fujitsu
5. HP 10. MSI


Laser Printer

Category Brand
Laser printer 1. Fujixerox 6. Brother
2. Samsung 7. OKI
3. HP
4. Canon
5. Lexmark

Terms & Condition

  1. Registered device must have minimum 6 month warranty from manufacturer upon date of application*1
  2. Customer/Dealer must attach copy of original Invoice when do registration. Invoice price must be same as registered price with Excel SLA.
  3. Customer/Dealer responsible to ensure device serial number & Date of purchase key in correctly.
  4. Extended warranty will only covers for manufacturing defect parts (Follow manufacturer warranty policy)

Extended Warranty coverage due to:

(Extended warranty up to additional 1 or 2 year from the manufacturer warranty period)


  • Failure of mechanical or electrical parts due to manufacturer defect
  • Coverage for extended warranty will follow each device manufacturer warranty policy.


              Exclusion for All Risk & Extended warranty:

  • Software failures & loss of file and data
  • Damage due to fraud, dishonesty or wilful acts or any intentional acts
  • Claims under manufacturer’s warranty
  • Accessories such as battery & Charger
  • Wear & Tear parts & Cosmetic Damages


  1. Coverage includes repair fees & replacement of parts or component which fails to operate.
  1. On Site Hot Swap only applicable for selected Fujixerox printers.
  1. Extended warranty only applies to selected brand devices & must be purchased in Malaysia only.


  1. Excel SLA holds the rights to terminate any warranty contract if founds misleading/incorrect info in registration.
  2. Each member will be issued a membership card upon registering with Excel SLA*2
  3. Excel SLA reserves the right to omit, add or amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  4. Any tax arising from member’s participation in the program is the responsibility of the member.
  5. The card is not transferable and is for the exclusive use of the member only.
  6. If the card is stolen, lost or damage, a fee of RM5 will be charged for a replacement.
  7. Excel SLA reserves the right to utilise information collected under the program for promotional and marketing purposes.
  8. Excel SLA reserves the right to decline issuance, or withdrawal once issued, of the card when it deems necessary.


*1 Excel SLA reserves the right to cancel application for devices more than 6 month from the date of purchase & full payment will be refund to customer.

*2 Member card will be send via mail to customer address